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New York Times Critic's Pick!

Audience Favorite - "Best of Fest" Award Winner

Cloned! was presented at the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival


Producer/General Manager: CitySalt Theatricals


1993—There is a new president in the White House, Jurassic Park is about to tear up the box office, and Wally Waterman is on the verge of inventing the teleporter! But weird science gets weirder when Wally accidentally clones himself. Is NYC big enough for two giant, identical egos? It’ll take nothing short of a movie star, international espionage, and a few pigeons to find out. Featuring a gleefully breezy score, Cloned! is door-slamming, yodel-happy, bird-squawking fun!


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Photo courtesy of Andrew Barry Fritz/BarryMoore Photography




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