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Co-Creator/Managing Producer: CitySalt Theatricals 

Created with Artistic Producer Amy Engelhardt


Will it be a historical epic like Les Miz?

Something classic á la Rodgers & Hammerstein?
Or even [insert name of large theme-park owning mega-corporation-turned-Broadway-megalopolis here]?

In this “Musical Theater Olympics,” 3 teams of composers and lyricists who’ve never worked together are forced to collaborate – and to beat the clock. Their task? They must write a song from a new Broadway musical, the title of which is picked from a hatful of audience suggestions – in the style determined by a spin of the dreaded Genre Wheel. Can they write a TUNE IN TIME?

Hosted by Emily McNamara
Musical Direction by Nate Buccieri
Annoyingly Insistent Timekeeping by Sheila Head

Each edition of TUNE IN TIME features a different roster of musical theater composers and lyricists as well as a panel of celebrity judges.


For more information, visit The York Theatre




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